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Dance Auditions | Dance Casting Calls

So you think you can dance? Try your hand in dance auditions and casting calls to see how you stack up to the competition. There are plenty of open auditions happening every day. Keep reading to find out more about dance auditions.

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More About Dance Auditions
It does not matter if you are into hip-hop dance, ballet, classical, or freestyle. There is a dance casting call for all types of dancers. In fact, it is a lot better that you do know different forms of dancing and can be well-versed. In order to succeed in dance auditions, you need to be able to showcase all your dance talents from all different backgrounds. If you can show the casting directors that you are flexible, can learn fast, and pick up other dance routines quickly, there is more of a chance that you will get selected. The way dance auditions work is that you need to pick up and learn a dance routine quickly and mimic it flawlessly. That is how it works in the real world when you do get a dancing gig. Most of the time the routines are learned on the fly and having a diverse background will help you nail it fast.

Dancing is a acquired skill and some people are born with the ability to learn quickly. Make sure you are always taking dancing classes and learning new styles of dancing. This can help make your resume look more fuller and allow you to land the dancing auditions. Another thing that casting directors look for is your ability to work well with others. Very rarely are you just dancing by yourself in any dancing career and most of the time you have at least a partner or a ensemble cast of dancers. Backup dancers for example, are in groups and make the lead singer look a lot better.

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Your ability to work well with others can determine your future. If you can patiently be a mentor and guide to other dancers, then you will be able to step up your role and make your mark in the dancing industry. There are some stars today who got their start in dancing and ventured into other routes. For example, Jennifer Lopez, or J-Lo was a backup dancer for In Living Color. She was known as a fly girl and she took that role and went into other ventures such as singing and acting. That means if someone has done it before, you can too. Whether or not you want to try your hand in other industries and niches, it is up to you.

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